This course is designed for women who are choosing to birth at home without the presence of a licensed care provider. The course will delve into doing your own prenatal care (a great thing to learn even if you are seeing a doctor or midwife), preparing for birth at home, tips for a healthy unassisted birth, variations and complications and what to do about them and will conclude with information on assessing your newborn baby's wellbeing, breastfeeding and unassisted postpartum self-care.

Included in this course is the contact information for a midwife mentor who is available to answer questions 24/7 throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She can be consulted via skype, email, telephone or Gliph.

Also included in this course is information about how to join a skills workshop if you are located near one of our 15  locations and choose to take advantage of it. The cost for the workshop (if you choose to take it) is $100. This workshop is held with a local freebirth supportive professional who will answer questions and teach you hands on skills such as palpation and listening to your baby via a fetoscope. You may bring someone with you to the workshop if you like (a partner, doula or other family member or friend) who you are planning to have with you at your birth. 

If you do not live near a skills workshop location or would rather not take a workshop in person, you will be offered a chance to consult with your mentor midwife via skype to learn the skills remotely for a reduced fee of $50.

This course is very in-depth and highly recommended for women who are choosing to do their own care and/or are living in an area that has state or medical entities that are hostile to parental choices. This class is also a great supplement if you are planning a homebirth with a midwife but are unsure if she will make it in time or just want to be more involved and self-aware in your own care. Sacred Transitions Midwifery Institute believes that all women should have support for their pregnancy, birth and postpartum choices and that ultimately pregnant women have a right to birth where and with whom they wish. We hope you will feel honored and valued throughout this program and will consider adding this resource as you prepare for the birth of your baby.

To enroll in the course, create a login for yourself by clicking on the "login" link at the top right of this page and then come back to the Freebirthing course and click on the black dollar sign and pay the course fee via paypal. The cost for all six units, plus 24/7 mentoring and a skills workshop is $75. You will be automatically enrolled once you've paid and be given information about how to contact your mentor to schedule a skills workshop.

If you have difficulty or questons enrolling in the site, please email the course manager: or call 603-674-7198.