Anatomy and Physiology is a beginning and advanced course rolled into one (Anatomy and Physiology 101 and Anatomy and Physiology 201). This course will delve into the basics of human anatomy and physiology including terminology, biochemistry, cellular structure, and the various systems. The reproductive anatomy and physiology is only briefly covered and will be covered more in depth in the sexuality component of this program. An eye is always kept on the connection between all of he body's systems and their relationship to midwifery studies.

This class can be taken independently or as part of one of Sacred Transitions Midwifery Institute's requirements for graduation from one of their midwifery programs. To enroll in a full program, please email and request an application packet.

If you are taking this course as part of STMI's midwifery programs, attendance of a skills workshop at one of our 15 skills workshop classrooms across the country is required. Those who are unabe to attend because of location will be offered an interactive alternative and charged an additional $100.

Required textbooks and supplies for this course for all enrolled students can be found here: